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Your Favorite Sweepstakes Games: Now Online

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, October 26, 2016


If you're a person who loves to play sweepstakes games, you would know that many brick and mortar locations for sweepstakes games in North Carolina are shutting down. This started earlier this year when North Carolina changed the way that they viewed these types of businesses they started to close their doors and left many sweepstakers and internet cafe patrons without a place to play. Until, now. 


How Do You Play Your Favorite Sweepstakes Games?


This Sweepstakes news does mean that you would be missing out on going to your favorite Sweepstakes cafe in your neighborhood. So, what do you do if you are looking to play sweepstakes games? If your like thousands of other fellow sweepstakers you know that going online is a safe bet. You can play your favorite Slots and Table games easily, in the comfort of your home or on the go from your mobile devices. 


One of the best options for you out there is Ace Reveal. Their platform allows you to play from your PC or even your smart phone. All you need to do is sign up on the Ace Reveal site, use the promo code SWEEPSTAKES, purchase a Ace Phone Card, and use Entries to play. It's easy to get the Entries too, since you get some each time you purchase an Ace phone card - you get as many as 100 entries for each $1 worth of phone card that you purchase. Plus, each $1 worth of Ace Phone card will also help you call your friends and family in the United States and Mexico for a good ten minutes.


What Can You Play?


There are all the favorite sweepstakes games that you used to play before in your neighborhood cafe. You have everything from Blackjack, keno, slots, progressive jackpots all available to play. In fact, there are over 90 different games that you can play and have a change to win.


Some of the popular games are
- Pirates Treasure- Magic Wishes- Beach Party- Old West- Lotto Luck- Lucky 7- High Speed- Baccarat- American Roulette- Double Exposure- Keep 'em Poker
There are tons of games that you can try. If you don't like one of them, just move to the next one - there is something for everybody.

The experience is as good as playing in a physical internet cafe. There is always the rule of probability that you need to look at to win, and the systems are as clean as you would find in any Sweepstakes machine.

Looking to try out Ace Reveals Sweepstakes?


If you are looking to go the online way to play your favorite slots games, you would like to use our promo code. Our promo code ensures that you can save on Ace Reveal, when you are playing the game. We will also send you the latest promotions and offers that you can find on Ace Reveal, so that you can save more while you are playing your favorite games.

The promo code helps you get unlimited access to any of the sweepstakes games on Ace Reveal site, and the sign up takes only seconds. It's time you started your Sweepstakes journey again today!


Ace Reveal Referral Program - Easy Bonus Games Credits

Tucan Spins - Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ace Phone Cards has long been known for its awesome promotions and entertaining games via its sweepstakes site, Ace Reveal. Ace Phone Cards offer users a secure and convenient platform for loading up phone airtime while giving users the opportunity to play games and win real cash prices. For every $1 value of phone time you buy, you get 100 free entries to play any one of 90 entertaining games and get a chance to win cash. To make things even more interesting, Ace Reveal will now give you a cool 1000 entries for free to refer friends and family to the site via the Ace Reveal Referral Program, which can only be found with ABC Sweepstakes and promo code SWEEPSTAKES.


Our Ace Reveal Referral Program is one of the few sweepstakes programs in the country that let you reap big rewards by simply bringing family, friends, and co-workers on board. It is also the only program associated with Ace Phone Cards and Ace Reveal that offers rewards for referrals, which means greater opportunities for you to make even more money from Ace Reveal’s exciting online sweepstakes games.


How it Works


It’s pretty easy to get started with the Ace Reveal Referral Program. First, you need to be a registered member of Ace Reveal and signed up under promo code 'Sweepstakes' to participate in the referral program. Membership to either Ace Reveal or Ace Phone Cards gives you a simple platform for loading up on airtime and offers you the opportunity to save and win cash.


As a registered member, you can then tell your friends, co-workers, and members of your family about the games and opportunities on Ace Reveal. Once they sign up and make a purchase of $20 or more in airtime value, 1000 entries will automatically be deposited into your Ace Reveal sweepstakes games account. You can use these entries to play more fun games and stand the chance to win cool cash prices, just like that.


As the referrer, make sure to tell the person you are giving the referral to register on the Ace Reveal website or send them to this link. On the website, new users can register by simply clicking on “Signup” at the top of the site, inserting their personal and payment details, and then creating their account. Don’t forget to ask them to enter the promo code “SWEEPSTAKES” when signing up.


On your part, all you have to do is to fill out a form with your details and those of the person you are referring. Details will usually include you and your referral’s names, emails, and the date of referral. Once we have this information, we normally ensure your Ace Reveal account is credited with 1000 entries within 48 hours – typically less. It’s that simple.


We created the Ace Reveal Referral Program to ensure our customers extend the fun and joy from using our services to their friends and loved ones. We also hope that our valued customers can make a little extra in the process, which makes the experience a bit more worthwhile.


The offer, however, does come with a few restrictions to ensure fair play for all our customers. For instance, you can’t transfer your hard-earned freebies to other users. You only get entries for referring users who are new to the system, and the offer is only valid for the first sole purchase of a minimum value of a $20 Ace Phone Card.


You can always reach out to our support team for any questions or queries regarding this or any other promotional service on Ace Phone Cards or Ace Reveal.


Happy gaming!