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Internet Cafe Sweepstakes are old news.This is the now!

Tucan Spins - Friday, August 28, 2015

Sweepstakes games are not something new and revolutionary, in fact, they’ve been around for quite some time. Mainly these games were in the form of internet café sweepstakes where you had to go to a physical location to play, but now since virtually everyone has internet access you can find the offers and games you are interested in from the comfort of your own home or phone. The problem with sweepstakes games nowadays is that a lot of them could easily be frauds. Finding a solid platform where you can win money instantly, have fun, and be sure it’s safe is hard to do.
When we were looking for the right site to play on, one that we could trust and know was going to provide honest fun, we couldn’t find the right one. There were many sites out there that promised big winnings and easy ways to make money online, but they didn’t deliver the trust that we were looking for. Some place that we could go to play games with the chance to win. This is why we formed ABC Sweepstakes.
The main mission of ABC Sweepstake is to help you win while having enough variety of options and games where you can have an absolute blast doing it. We partnered with one of the most exciting instant win gaming systems out there and we’ve ensured every guest to our site gets the latest and best available promotions immediately after you sign up with your code promo, SWEEPSTAKES. All you’ll need to do is sign up and choose how much phone time you would like to purchase in the form of an Ace Phone Card, an international phone card that you can use to call from any phone. You then will have access to over 90 instant win games and every time you purchase more phone time, you’ll get the credit you can use for playing games. Every $1 you invest in your card will be automatically converted in 100 free game entries. Meaning, every phone purchase is transformed into additional money. It’s really that easy.
We have taken a number of steps to make sure that all the information you provide will be secure on the server. Security of users is number one priority at ABC Sweepstakes. We want you to be able to play and have fun without having to worry about your secure information being leaked somewhere you don’t want it to be. This is why we use PayPal as our portal for payments. PayPal is very safe and secure and allows people to process payments with a credit or debit card extremely easily.
Another good thing to mention, that will improve your chance to win, is our transparent payout ratio, meaning you’ll be able to check your chances to win on every game before you play it. Just follow the pay ratio and pick the perfect game to increase your chances to win. Our website will give you complete sheet where you can see how all this information combined affect your odds of winning. With all the help you get and security ensured all you need to do is start playing. We hope that your experience with us is a very positive one and that we have created what you might be looking for just as we were looking before we founded ABC Sweepstakes. We wish you the best of luck in our online sweepstakes games and remember to keep a few minutes on your Ace Phone Card so that you can call your loved ones with good news about all the money you win with us!

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