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Sweepstakes games cafe on your laptop, phone or tablet

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If you are a fan of Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Games, I am sure you have been stuck a few times thinking 'there is no internet cafe near me so I can’t play the Sweepstakes games from the internet cafe that I love’. The good news is you can now simply transform your laptop or Smartphone into a sweepstakes games cafe and have a real chance at winning some money thanks to ABC sweepstakes! ABC sweepstakes started offering the latest promotion codes from Ace Phone Cards because they aim at providing a reliable website where users can easily access purchase phone cards, play games and win money. Essentially, the goal of ABC sweepstakes is to make winning easy and access hassle-free.


Benefits of using ABC sweepstakes Ace Phone Card Promo Code


1.) Instant and unlimited access to all Ace Sweepstakes Games after a user signs up only once.

Signing up is extremely easy and after that you can start playing online instant win games. The Ace Phone Card and Ace Reveal online sweepstakes cafe allows you to access over 90 games via desktop computers at the comfort of your home. There are also numerous games that you can access via tablet devices and mobile phones to play on the go or where ever you may be. This eliminates the need and desperation of searching the internet frantically for a perfect place to play online instant win games. It is like having an internet cafe at your disposal 24/7.


2.) Apart from enabling you to play from anywhere and at anytime, every user who spends money playing also receives something tangible and valuable in return.

The calling cards that you purchase are actual calling cards that have unique pins specific to each card and you can use on any phone. Every 1 dollar you spend on the card guarantees 10 minutes of phone time in Mexico and in the United States. The payment portals are completely trusted and secure, using the trusted systems of PayPal to preform the transaction. 


3.) Signing up to access Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Games using ABC Sweepstakes promo code is unbelievably easy.

You would think that gaining access to Ace Sweepstakes Games on your phone, tablet and laptop would be a complex process, but amazingly, it is actually extremely easy. Here is the process in a nutshell;



Simply log on to and create an account by clicking on the menu icon 'Join Now’, On that page you will find a 'Sign Up Form’. Ensure you fill out with factual information because the information you provide will be used to pay your winnings.



After creating your account successfully simply log in and purchase the phone card that is suited to your needs and preferences. The 1st option has predetermined amounts listed while the 2nd option allows you to set the amount you would like to purchase on every single calling card.



The last step is to enter your payment information either debit or credit card or a PayPal account.

After this simple process a user can easily access sweepstakes’ games and have a real chance at winning some money.


4.) Easy and Secure Payment Options

Apart from being easy, this sign up process is also secure. ABC Sweepstakes promo code, SWEEPSTAKES, allows you to transform your phone, tablet or laptop into a internet games café without jeopardizing on the safety and security of your financial information or any wins you make.


ABC Sweepstakes supplies the promotional code that ensures you get the best special and most desirable bonuses. The payout is real! The sign up is easy and you can have the fun from anywhere at any time!

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