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Your Favorite Sweepstakes Games: Now Online

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, October 26, 2016


If you're a person who loves to play sweepstakes games, you would know that many brick and mortar locations for sweepstakes games in North Carolina are shutting down. This started earlier this year when North Carolina changed the way that they viewed these types of businesses they started to close their doors and left many sweepstakers and internet cafe patrons without a place to play. Until, now. 


How Do You Play Your Favorite Sweepstakes Games?


This Sweepstakes news does mean that you would be missing out on going to your favorite Sweepstakes cafe in your neighborhood. So, what do you do if you are looking to play sweepstakes games? If your like thousands of other fellow sweepstakers you know that going online is a safe bet. You can play your favorite Slots and Table games easily, in the comfort of your home or on the go from your mobile devices. 


One of the best options for you out there is Ace Reveal. Their platform allows you to play from your PC or even your smart phone. All you need to do is sign up on the Ace Reveal site, use the promo code SWEEPSTAKES, purchase a Ace Phone Card, and use Entries to play. It's easy to get the Entries too, since you get some each time you purchase an Ace phone card - you get as many as 100 entries for each $1 worth of phone card that you purchase. Plus, each $1 worth of Ace Phone card will also help you call your friends and family in the United States and Mexico for a good ten minutes.


What Can You Play?


There are all the favorite sweepstakes games that you used to play before in your neighborhood cafe. You have everything from Blackjack, keno, slots, progressive jackpots all available to play. In fact, there are over 90 different games that you can play and have a change to win.


Some of the popular games are
- Pirates Treasure- Magic Wishes- Beach Party- Old West- Lotto Luck- Lucky 7- High Speed- Baccarat- American Roulette- Double Exposure- Keep 'em Poker
There are tons of games that you can try. If you don't like one of them, just move to the next one - there is something for everybody.

The experience is as good as playing in a physical internet cafe. There is always the rule of probability that you need to look at to win, and the systems are as clean as you would find in any Sweepstakes machine.

Looking to try out Ace Reveals Sweepstakes?


If you are looking to go the online way to play your favorite slots games, you would like to use our promo code. Our promo code ensures that you can save on Ace Reveal, when you are playing the game. We will also send you the latest promotions and offers that you can find on Ace Reveal, so that you can save more while you are playing your favorite games.

The promo code helps you get unlimited access to any of the sweepstakes games on Ace Reveal site, and the sign up takes only seconds. It's time you started your Sweepstakes journey again today!


Sweepstakes games cafe on your laptop, phone or tablet

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If you are a fan of Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Games, I am sure you have been stuck a few times thinking 'there is no internet cafe near me so I can’t play the Sweepstakes games from the internet cafe that I love’. The good news is you can now simply transform your laptop or Smartphone into a sweepstakes games cafe and have a real chance at winning some money thanks to ABC sweepstakes! ABC sweepstakes started offering the latest promotion codes from Ace Phone Cards because they aim at providing a reliable website where users can easily access purchase phone cards, play games and win money. Essentially, the goal of ABC sweepstakes is to make winning easy and access hassle-free.


Benefits of using ABC sweepstakes Ace Phone Card Promo Code


1.) Instant and unlimited access to all Ace Sweepstakes Games after a user signs up only once.

Signing up is extremely easy and after that you can start playing online instant win games. The Ace Phone Card and Ace Reveal online sweepstakes cafe allows you to access over 90 games via desktop computers at the comfort of your home. There are also numerous games that you can access via tablet devices and mobile phones to play on the go or where ever you may be. This eliminates the need and desperation of searching the internet frantically for a perfect place to play online instant win games. It is like having an internet cafe at your disposal 24/7.


2.) Apart from enabling you to play from anywhere and at anytime, every user who spends money playing also receives something tangible and valuable in return.

The calling cards that you purchase are actual calling cards that have unique pins specific to each card and you can use on any phone. Every 1 dollar you spend on the card guarantees 10 minutes of phone time in Mexico and in the United States. The payment portals are completely trusted and secure, using the trusted systems of PayPal to preform the transaction. 


3.) Signing up to access Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Games using ABC Sweepstakes promo code is unbelievably easy.

You would think that gaining access to Ace Sweepstakes Games on your phone, tablet and laptop would be a complex process, but amazingly, it is actually extremely easy. Here is the process in a nutshell;



Simply log on to and create an account by clicking on the menu icon 'Join Now’, On that page you will find a 'Sign Up Form’. Ensure you fill out with factual information because the information you provide will be used to pay your winnings.



After creating your account successfully simply log in and purchase the phone card that is suited to your needs and preferences. The 1st option has predetermined amounts listed while the 2nd option allows you to set the amount you would like to purchase on every single calling card.



The last step is to enter your payment information either debit or credit card or a PayPal account.

After this simple process a user can easily access sweepstakes’ games and have a real chance at winning some money.


4.) Easy and Secure Payment Options

Apart from being easy, this sign up process is also secure. ABC Sweepstakes promo code, SWEEPSTAKES, allows you to transform your phone, tablet or laptop into a internet games café without jeopardizing on the safety and security of your financial information or any wins you make.


ABC Sweepstakes supplies the promotional code that ensures you get the best special and most desirable bonuses. The payout is real! The sign up is easy and you can have the fun from anywhere at any time!

Our Ace Reveal Referral Program Can Mean Free Entires For You!

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

By now, you are more than likely already familiar with Ace Phone Cards and their Sweepstakes Site, Ace Reveal. You already know how fun these games can be, how you can play from your couch in your pajamas, how when you are on the go you can jump on your phone and play your odds where ever you may be at the time, and that you really can win big money! But did you know that you can actually earn free entries by simply telling your friends, family members, or co-workers exactly what you already know about these games? Well you can now. We are extremely excited to announce our Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Referral Program!


We take pride in being the only site online that has a referral program for Ace Reveal and Ace Phone Cards online sweepstakes games in place. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to enjoy some SUPER fun and get all the EXCITEMENT of playing the sweepstakes games online while earning some free entries in the process. Pretty cool, huh!?


Here is how the referral program works;


For every friend, family member, or co-worker you (a registered player) gets to sign up and purchase a minimum of $20 in Ace Phone Cards you will get rewarded. We will deposit 1,000 free entries to the sweepstakes games into your account. All a you have to do is simply tell the person they are referring to register for the sweepstakes by following the steps on our “Join Now” page making sure that they enter the promo code “SWEEPSTAKES” when they sign up.


After we verify their registration and a minimum purchase of $20 in Ace Phone Cards, within 48 hours we will place 1,000 free entries into your account (“you” being the person who referred the other person to join the site). In order to claim their signup as your referral, you will need to fill out this form on our referral page. Simple as that! Free entries for you and fun times ahead for your referral!


We, at ABC Sweepstakes, want to make sure all of the players using our promo code enjoy and share all the wealth and fun with their friends and family, and at the same time gaining something a little extra in the process. This is why we created this program.


Where is all the horrible small print? Well, just like a parking ticket, you cannot transfer your benefits on to another player. We created our Exclusive Ace Reveal Referral Program for first time players and is only valid for a FIRST TIME, ONE TIME purchase of at least $20 in Ace Phone Cards. If you have any questions about how this program works or would like clarification or help, please submit a support ticket on our support page and we would be happy to help!


As always, Good Luck!

Internet Cafe Sweepstakes are old news.This is the now!

Tucan Spins - Friday, August 28, 2015

Sweepstakes games are not something new and revolutionary, in fact, they’ve been around for quite some time. Mainly these games were in the form of internet café sweepstakes where you had to go to a physical location to play, but now since virtually everyone has internet access you can find the offers and games you are interested in from the comfort of your own home or phone. The problem with sweepstakes games nowadays is that a lot of them could easily be frauds. Finding a solid platform where you can win money instantly, have fun, and be sure it’s safe is hard to do.
When we were looking for the right site to play on, one that we could trust and know was going to provide honest fun, we couldn’t find the right one. There were many sites out there that promised big winnings and easy ways to make money online, but they didn’t deliver the trust that we were looking for. Some place that we could go to play games with the chance to win. This is why we formed ABC Sweepstakes.
The main mission of ABC Sweepstake is to help you win while having enough variety of options and games where you can have an absolute blast doing it. We partnered with one of the most exciting instant win gaming systems out there and we’ve ensured every guest to our site gets the latest and best available promotions immediately after you sign up with your code promo, SWEEPSTAKES. All you’ll need to do is sign up and choose how much phone time you would like to purchase in the form of an Ace Phone Card, an international phone card that you can use to call from any phone. You then will have access to over 90 instant win games and every time you purchase more phone time, you’ll get the credit you can use for playing games. Every $1 you invest in your card will be automatically converted in 100 free game entries. Meaning, every phone purchase is transformed into additional money. It’s really that easy.
We have taken a number of steps to make sure that all the information you provide will be secure on the server. Security of users is number one priority at ABC Sweepstakes. We want you to be able to play and have fun without having to worry about your secure information being leaked somewhere you don’t want it to be. This is why we use PayPal as our portal for payments. PayPal is very safe and secure and allows people to process payments with a credit or debit card extremely easily.
Another good thing to mention, that will improve your chance to win, is our transparent payout ratio, meaning you’ll be able to check your chances to win on every game before you play it. Just follow the pay ratio and pick the perfect game to increase your chances to win. Our website will give you complete sheet where you can see how all this information combined affect your odds of winning. With all the help you get and security ensured all you need to do is start playing. We hope that your experience with us is a very positive one and that we have created what you might be looking for just as we were looking before we founded ABC Sweepstakes. We wish you the best of luck in our online sweepstakes games and remember to keep a few minutes on your Ace Phone Card so that you can call your loved ones with good news about all the money you win with us!

Why use our platform to access instant win games?

Tucan Spins - Friday, August 07, 2015

May be you are one of those who like playing online games as hobby or for fun, but find it difficult to find real and fair companies that can give you the opportunity. Sometimes you get to win or lose but either way, you feel that you did not receive value for your money. It happens to most of us before we land to the right deal. Here at ABC Sweepstakes, we focus on one major goal - help you access instant win games the easy and fair way. Here are reasons why you should consider us as the priority choice for online gaming:

1. Simple registration process
During registration process, filled the form with correct information before proceeding to use our services. Some of the information you submit at this stage include your username of choice, secure password, first name, last name, email address, phone number, birthday and location details. The promo code "SWEEPSTAKES" is used at this stage and will apply according to guidelines provided on the "Rules" page.

2. We have wide variety of games
Through our partners, we provide over 90 exciting online games. This makes us qualify as one of the leading online games system in the industry. Our games are Vegas style enhancing the gaming experience.

3. Access to unlimited discounts through promo code
It is true that out system allows you to purchase calling time, which you receive in full. Accessing games in the system requires the use of the provided discount code. The advantage is that you receive discount instantly. We value the time you took to be part of many other players through our platform. Therefore, the available discount codes are specifically for this platform. Any new user can use the code provided and qualify for instant win games.

4. Flexible game options
It is our duty as a trusted online game company to provide our users the best in this industry. Every game is different from the other and the available options can be selected or changed at your will. This gives all players equal opportunities. Whether experienced or new, access game options that best suits you.

5. Instant game prizes
Once you register in our system, you get to use our promo code that will give you access to available discounts. Once you purchase long distance phone time, you are allowed to view your entries into the free sweepstakes. Purchasing time as ace phone card, makes you automatically qualify for entries and play instantly. Any instant win games are paid in form of money instantly.

5. We have secure servers
This ensures that all user information is safe throughout. Security is an important factor when it comes to online privacy. We always do our best to protect information sent through the system. This also ensures that every game played is fair and uninterrupted in any way. Purchases are made through secured and trusted online payment system, PayPal
6. Full time and fast support
Our experienced group of professionals provide fast and reliable help where possible. We treat all people equally ensuring both registered members and guests are served according to their expectations. Our platform has easy to understand instructions that take you through the system use. Written material and videos available on the website give easy access and great experience. This does not only make you a regular member in our platform but also increases your chances for instant win games.