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Hello Florida, Here is your new Internet Cafe!

Tucan Spins - Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hey Florida! When was the last time you had the opportunity to play the online sweepstakes games? It's been a while and I know you're anxious to get back to your favorite sweepstakes games and have the chance to win some big money!


As you know, a huge challenge in Florida is that even if we wanted to go somewhere to play the sweepstakes, the government has shut down all the physical locations. The Florida state legislature has passed a new law that makes it nearly impossible to go to your local sweepstakes venue. They no longer exist! We all enjoy playing the games but we're no longer allowed - so what do we do? I'm sure many of us try to fill our time with something new but it just doesn't have the same enjoyment or payoff potential. Remember the good old days of hanging out and spending time in your local internet café? Thanks to our state government those days may be long gone.


Unfortunately, we're finding that our favorite sweepstakes locations are getting shut down all around the country, not just in Florida. As free Americans we should be able to spend our time and money as we see fit. We may no longer be allowed to visit an internet café that is near you but now, thanks to technology, we can continue to play the sweepstakes games online, from home or virtually anywhere.


With the internet and today's technology, we as the consumer are having doors and new opportunities opened to us every day. With the internet, we have the ability to become completely spoiled! No more having to jump in the car, take the bus, or wait on a friend to pick us up. We now have the ability to play the internet sweepstakes from the comfort of our own home or on the go with your mobile device!


With our relationship with Ace Reveal, you no longer need to look around for something else to fill your time. Ace Reveal offers over 90 internet sweepstakes games and counting. These games just waiting for you to play and enjoy. All the games that you have come to love at your local internet sweepstakes café are available to play. There are Online Slots, Online Table Games, Online Group Jackpots, Online Video Poker and even Online Kino sweepstakes games to play! They keep the process simple too! All you have to do is purchase phone time to receive FREE entries to these sweepstakes games. You then use these FREE entries to login and play your favorite games online from home just as you would have in the sweepstakes café and internet café’s that were near you - it's just that simple. We have made this sign up process even simpler for you by providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up and play on our “Join Now” Page.


So, whether you're in Miami, Jacksonville, Daytona, or anywhere in between- it doesn't matter. The sweepstakes games are at your fingertips. It's easy to play from your home computer and even your mobile device. Ace Reveal has taken then and made it good news for all of us who love to play these games and made it a convenient option for all of us.


One of the most exciting aspects of playing the sweepstakes games online is that you can play whenever and wherever you like. There have been many times I’ve been able to play the sweepstakes at work while on lunch break or if I have some down time. How about a long car drive? Waiting at the doctor’s office? Just hanging out at home and instead of surfing useless stuff on the internet it’s easy to play the sweepstakes. It’s easy to sign on using your mobile device and pass the time while at the same time having the potential to win some big money.


One of my favorite times to play the games is at the end of the evening when I’m able to be alone and just unwind. There are so many game options that I find myself playing a little bit of everything and enjoying every minute and sometimes even walking to bed knowing that I have just put some extra cash in my wallet in the process.


For all of us sweepstakes players out there we also have the issue of personal safety. Have you seen the latest news articles about sweepstakes locations being robbed at gunpoint? This is scary stuff. If you're like me, all I want to do is play my games and have some fun. Now we need to deal with the government shutting down our favorite locations and these punk kids coming in and robbing us of our hard earned money and well deserved time. There is no doubt that simply trying to have some fun and relax is getting more and more complicated. This is why, my friends, I enjoy playing the sweepstakes games from home. We know it's safe. We know it's friendly. We know the government isn't going to put a sign on our door shutting us down.


Remember, sharing is caring. Your sweepstakes family of friends will enjoy this new option as well. Don’t you want to be the friend you turns your other friends onto this new opportunityfor safe fun? You can even make an event of it, turning your own living room into a house party and personal internet café. The sweepstakes games are available to play on your mobile device it would be simple and fun to organize a party around playing the games. Everyone has a mobile device these days – why not use it to have some fun?


The best part is that you're playing from the comfort of your own home...where it's safe, convenient, always open, and the only house rules are your own!