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Ace Reveal Referral Program - Easy Bonus Games Credits

Tucan Spins - Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ace Phone Cards has long been known for its awesome promotions and entertaining games via its sweepstakes site, Ace Reveal. Ace Phone Cards offer users a secure and convenient platform for loading up phone airtime while giving users the opportunity to play games and win real cash prices. For every $1 value of phone time you buy, you get 100 free entries to play any one of 90 entertaining games and get a chance to win cash. To make things even more interesting, Ace Reveal will now give you a cool 1000 entries for free to refer friends and family to the site via the Ace Reveal Referral Program, which can only be found with ABC Sweepstakes and promo code SWEEPSTAKES.


Our Ace Reveal Referral Program is one of the few sweepstakes programs in the country that let you reap big rewards by simply bringing family, friends, and co-workers on board. It is also the only program associated with Ace Phone Cards and Ace Reveal that offers rewards for referrals, which means greater opportunities for you to make even more money from Ace Reveal’s exciting online sweepstakes games.


How it Works


It’s pretty easy to get started with the Ace Reveal Referral Program. First, you need to be a registered member of Ace Reveal and signed up under promo code 'Sweepstakes' to participate in the referral program. Membership to either Ace Reveal or Ace Phone Cards gives you a simple platform for loading up on airtime and offers you the opportunity to save and win cash.


As a registered member, you can then tell your friends, co-workers, and members of your family about the games and opportunities on Ace Reveal. Once they sign up and make a purchase of $20 or more in airtime value, 1000 entries will automatically be deposited into your Ace Reveal sweepstakes games account. You can use these entries to play more fun games and stand the chance to win cool cash prices, just like that.


As the referrer, make sure to tell the person you are giving the referral to register on the Ace Reveal website or send them to this link. On the website, new users can register by simply clicking on “Signup” at the top of the site, inserting their personal and payment details, and then creating their account. Don’t forget to ask them to enter the promo code “SWEEPSTAKES” when signing up.


On your part, all you have to do is to fill out a form with your details and those of the person you are referring. Details will usually include you and your referral’s names, emails, and the date of referral. Once we have this information, we normally ensure your Ace Reveal account is credited with 1000 entries within 48 hours – typically less. It’s that simple.


We created the Ace Reveal Referral Program to ensure our customers extend the fun and joy from using our services to their friends and loved ones. We also hope that our valued customers can make a little extra in the process, which makes the experience a bit more worthwhile.


The offer, however, does come with a few restrictions to ensure fair play for all our customers. For instance, you can’t transfer your hard-earned freebies to other users. You only get entries for referring users who are new to the system, and the offer is only valid for the first sole purchase of a minimum value of a $20 Ace Phone Card.


You can always reach out to our support team for any questions or queries regarding this or any other promotional service on Ace Phone Cards or Ace Reveal.


Happy gaming!

Our Ace Reveal Referral Program Can Mean Free Entires For You!

Tucan Spins - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

By now, you are more than likely already familiar with Ace Phone Cards and their Sweepstakes Site, Ace Reveal. You already know how fun these games can be, how you can play from your couch in your pajamas, how when you are on the go you can jump on your phone and play your odds where ever you may be at the time, and that you really can win big money! But did you know that you can actually earn free entries by simply telling your friends, family members, or co-workers exactly what you already know about these games? Well you can now. We are extremely excited to announce our Ace Reveal Sweepstakes Referral Program!


We take pride in being the only site online that has a referral program for Ace Reveal and Ace Phone Cards online sweepstakes games in place. We wanted to make it easy for everyone to enjoy some SUPER fun and get all the EXCITEMENT of playing the sweepstakes games online while earning some free entries in the process. Pretty cool, huh!?


Here is how the referral program works;


For every friend, family member, or co-worker you (a registered player) gets to sign up and purchase a minimum of $20 in Ace Phone Cards you will get rewarded. We will deposit 1,000 free entries to the sweepstakes games into your account. All a you have to do is simply tell the person they are referring to register for the sweepstakes by following the steps on our “Join Now” page making sure that they enter the promo code “SWEEPSTAKES” when they sign up.


After we verify their registration and a minimum purchase of $20 in Ace Phone Cards, within 48 hours we will place 1,000 free entries into your account (“you” being the person who referred the other person to join the site). In order to claim their signup as your referral, you will need to fill out this form on our referral page. Simple as that! Free entries for you and fun times ahead for your referral!


We, at ABC Sweepstakes, want to make sure all of the players using our promo code enjoy and share all the wealth and fun with their friends and family, and at the same time gaining something a little extra in the process. This is why we created this program.


Where is all the horrible small print? Well, just like a parking ticket, you cannot transfer your benefits on to another player. We created our Exclusive Ace Reveal Referral Program for first time players and is only valid for a FIRST TIME, ONE TIME purchase of at least $20 in Ace Phone Cards. If you have any questions about how this program works or would like clarification or help, please submit a support ticket on our support page and we would be happy to help!


As always, Good Luck!

Share with a friend

Tucan Spins - Monday, January 25, 2016

You see it all the time on Facebook. Someone finds a good recipe, a favorite restaurant, or maybe cute pictures of a puppy...people are always sharing things they like. You know you do it - so do I. We enjoy letting people know what makes us happy. Isn't it the truth that we also like to share because we're proud of what we like? What we like can certainly define who we are. It tells people about us, about our family, what we do in our spare time, what we like to listen to, or what we do for fun. Our "likes" are a matter of pride.


This is why it is so important we share the fun we have with The fun we have playing the sweepstakes needs to be shared. If we truly care about the people around us don't we want them to be enjoying the fun things we enjoy in life as well? This is our opportunity to not only let the world know that we enjoy the sweepstakes games but this is our opportunity to get the world to join us!


Think about what your favorite part of playing the sweepstakes is all about.I enjoy the relaxing environment of getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the regular world.I know I can relax because I never play more than I can afford.You bet, I enjoy the thrill of winning as much as the next player. But what’s really important is what I call “dad’s time”.The nice thing about being able to play out of the comfort and safety of my own home or mobile device is that I can have “dad’s time” whenever and wherever I want or need it.This is something we need to share!


I enjoy getting a deal.I love playing on Wednesdays when I can take advantage of Hump Day.Look, I’m going to be playing the sweepstakes anyway so why not get some free entries?I enjoy and take advantage of all the other promotional opportunities as well. If there’s a holiday quite often you know there’s going to be a promotion where I can take advantage of free entries.We all want a deal and these free entries for special promotions are one of the best out there.This is something we need to share!


I do enjoy the opportunity to win big money. I’m an adult and should have the right to spend my hard earned earning on whatever I choose.I choose to play the sweepstakes games and take the chance that I’m going to leave with more than I started.I always make sure not to play with more than I can afford to lose.By doing this, it makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable.When I hit that big jackpot, man that feels good, its fun!I understand that I’m not always going to win big but when I do – I always enjoy feeling - like I beat the system.This is something we need to share!


Having the option to choose from over 90 different games makes sure that playing the sweepstakes with is always exciting.Depending on the mood you’re in at the moment will probably determine the style of game you’re going to choose to play.Maybe you want to play the Las Vegas style table games, the Progressive Slot Games, the Video Poker Games, or even Keno.My favorites probably are the table games.Even in the table games I have many options to choose from.It’s a lot of fun sharing my playing experience with my friends.I love it when I can turn a friend onto a fun game.It’s even better when they win!I also use the table games as a way to practice and get ready for when I go to the local casino.By practicing up on my moves it helps me to prepare for the games when I’m playing in the lounge.The more we play the better we’ll get.This is something we need to share!


These are just a few ideas worth sharing about’m sure you can think of many more.However, I believe one of the most important aspects of the online sweepstakes games is the ability to play from the comfort and safety of your own home.We all know plenty of people including elderly parents or friends who are just too scared to venture out in today’s environment.It’s not always safe outside our front door.Or, they don’t feel safe going outside anymore.We owe it to the people who we care about to tell them is an option for them to have some fun.I’ve seen the news reports where the local sweepstakes parlors are being robbed at gunpoint.If my family was in a place that was robbed because they didn’t know about the online sweepstakes games at I would feel awful. We need to share that you can play the games from home!


There are a lot of reasons to share the word of’s one thing to talk about it but an entirely different thing to do.With this in mind, make it a goal to share the sweepstakes word at least once a day to someone you care about.Tell them about, tell them about the fun you have, tell them how easy it is to sign up, tell them the opportunity to win big.Tell them because you care!